Oh, Jakarta!!

Okay, good news! I’ve arrived at Jakarta on January 10th 2012 at 9 P.M. I’ll spend my holiday in my beautiful hometown, Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia). After the plane landed, the first thing that came up in my mind was “Holy shit! Jakarta is damn hot, really, really hot!” I hadn’t getting used to hot weather because the last time I came from Jinan, it was winter and the average temperature is -2°C, so…


济南: 一个漂亮的城市


Hey, everybody! It’s been such a long, long time I haven’t wrote in this blog. But, here I am again writing to you guys about my new life, new adventure and of course, new stories about food! Well, honestly I really have no idea what I’m gonna write, just let the words flow themselves into this blog…

Okay, good news first! Now I’m living in Jinan, Shandong Province, China. (Not in Northern Jakarta, Indonesia anymore :p). The bad news is: damn, I MISS INDONESIAN FOOD SO VERY MUCHHHHH!!! 😦

At first, I’m so scared because as far as I know local Chinese people rarely speak English and I guess it’ll be so hard to talk to them, but now I’m not afraid anymore because in my university there are lots of foreigner and, of course, they speak English! Well, some of them can’t speak fluently, but the majority speaks English.

One month has passed and I feel my Chinese level is improving, like A LOT!! I’m really, really, really thankful to God because He’s given me this amazing opportunity to study Chinese and to learn lots of new culture here in China.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr.

 is the only male-western actor that I ADORE SO MUCH. I don’t know why and there isn’t any particular reason why I become such a huge fan of him, but when I saw him playing the narcist Tony Stark in Iron Man, I just know that he is a great actor. In my opinion, his performance was the highlight of the film. When he dressed in suits, oh dear God, he is so charming!!!

Downey in suit

Downey as Tony Stark (Iron Man)

1 a.m. ’til the end!!!

we (shaula, hunna-chan&me) are video group calling right now! i signed up to skype since yesterday,  hunna-chan signed up since a few weeks ago and shaula already made her account since couple of years ago… cool, right?!

we still chatting right now and are talking about sooooo many girly things. ivana (from yesterday chat) actually also joined for more or less only 1 hour 😦

this is the four of us!!! hehehe

that’s all for now, i can’t focus to what i’m writing ‘cus we’re still chatting..

and i deeply realize that, of course, there are many mistaken grammar on my writing.. so sorrrryyyy for that.. 😦

crazy chat with ivana!

hey, it’s me again..

i wanna share sth crazy that my friend and i had done an hour ago..

here’s what’s going on:

1. she sent me a mssg to my facebook

2. we chat @facebook

3. chat @windowd live messenger

4. she asked me if i had skype or not

5. right at that moment, i decided to download skype

6. we had a nice&missing each other chit chat @skype

7. we took many snapshots

8. we sign out from skype

9. now i’m bloggin to u guys while uploading our snapshots

this is some snapshots that i took:

this is us! 🙂

this is her, ivana 🙂